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WiFi in Cuba

WiFi in Cuba

WiFi in Cuba: Internet access in Cuba free or paid?

In Cuba, open access to the Internet does not exist. Mobile devices, laptops, tablets … no matter the device: the free and free Internet service is not offered anywhere in Cuba, anywhere.

WiFi en CubaAlthough it seems astonishing, not only is there no WiFi in Cuba (we refer to free, open and free wifi). There is also no Internet in Cuban homes. Except for some high officials, researchers, journalists and some other occupation, Cubans generally do not have internet at home. Those who freely have Internet access are foreigners living in Cuba, embassies and consulates, and offices and offices of foreign companies with representation in Cuba. Expensive, but they have it.

This is changing (little by little, very slowly) and the necessary investments are being made to give this service to the general population, although things are lengthened with indolent complacency. There is no hurry (and, probably, there are no economic resources to finance it under conditions).

The WiFi in Cuba is accessed through the advance purchase of navigation minutes. All – Cubans and tourists – have to provide themselves with the “Nauta” cards. These cards are sold by the state telecommunications company (Etecsa) and are also usually found at the reception of the hotels (often more expensive). In Etecsa (from January 2017) cost 1.50 CUC and are 1 hour of navigation. Although the service is so slow you can calculate an actual usage of 20 minutes (or less). The card has a numbering, which is associated with the passport number or identity card of the buyer. To connect, it is necessary to enter in the program a long series of numbers and keys. These are things that collide, but it should not be forgotten that Cuba is Cuba.

Once you have the card, to use it you have to enter a WiFi area (the central squares are usually), look for a corner, public bench or appropriate step, sit … and arm yourself with patience watching how the minutes go by while your device Try downloading the screens and pages of browsers, Facebook, etc. In the end, you spend the time and barely had time for anything. It is what it is!

Of course, you can also connect using the fabulously expensive roaming (for Cuba the maximum rates apply. And when I say maxims, I mean absolutely maximum).

Try not to need a card on Sunday. Resellers can request up to 5 CUC for the card. Be proactive and always have one or two extra Nauta cards.

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