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Press Release

Press Release of Corporate Interest:
Maxicuba, through its website, is a company dedicated mainly to the reservation of accommodation in private homes in Cuba. For this it has its main tool: This site contains:

  • Houses for Rent. Very complete and updated catalog of houses. Each house has a complete card with all the necessary data, prices, discounts, options, available services, updated photos and location map.
  • Tours.
    • Recruitment service and booking of tourist guides.
    • Recruitment service and booking of excursions.
  • Rental cars.
    • Modern car rental service (without driver).
    • Classic car rental service (40s and 50s, with driver).


The following map clearly shows where the houses in the catalog are located. It can be seen that Maxicuba is present in practically all tourist destinations.

Mapa de Cuba (destinos turisticos de Maxicuba)


Maxicuba has implanted its own S.A.C. (Customer Service) on the island, so if one of your clients has to face any unforeseen or any problem, agents in Cuba can help. A General Representative coordinates and local representatives act if necessary. This service is especially important, considering that many competing agencies do not contemplate such service and lack the capacity to provide coverage and protection to their clients.

Social Networks

It is well known that today everything is going through a correct marketing strategy, which – of course – has to bet on a presence as prominent as possible in social networks. Maxicuba, aware of this need, has the following pages:

06-facebook-50x50-pxl  Facebook (Maxicuba)

Facebook: página corporativa de MAXICUBA

Corporate website dedicated to giving news about the company, promoting some destinations and their houses and motivating the potential tourist to the destination Cuba.


06-facebook-50x50-pxl  Facebook (House Rent Cuba)

Facebook: página corporativa de MAXICUBA (en inglés )

Sister page of the previous one, in English. Look for English-speaking followers, especially from North America.


06-facebook-50x50-pxl  Facebook (MOCHILEROS EN CUBA)

Facebook: grupo MOCHILEROS EN CUBA

Group oriented to the segment of young people, adventurous, globetrotters and buscavidas, segment that has its specific weight within the tourism that is lodged in the Cuban private houses.


06-facebook-50x50-pxl  Facebook (My Old Cuba)

Facebook: página de MY OLD CUBA

Cultural page, of historical interest, dedicated to the compilation and publication of photos and videos of nostalgic character (the Cuba before the Revolution) and of historical and cultural character (Cuba before the XX century, colonial era).


06-twitter-50x50-pxl  Twitter

Maxicuba, cuenta corporativa en Twitter

Corporate account aimed at notifying the houses that are being added to the catalog and any other Maxicuba news that may be of general interest.


06-google-50x50-pxl  Google+

Maxicuba (cuenta corporativa en Google+)

Corporate account.


 06-pinterest-50x50-pxl  Pinterest

Corporate account dedicated to the promotion of Cuba as a destination and to show the houses of our catalog.


06-yahoo-50x50-pxl  Youtube

YouTube: página corporativa de MAXICUBA

Corporate account with hundreds of microvideos that teach the houses. It also houses the videos that are produced for the Facebook page “My Old Cuba”.

Institutional Logos

Maxicuba uses two different logos:

Logo MAXICUBA flat

Logo MAXICUBA flat shadow

Likewise, it uses two other variants used in Facebook:

Logo MAXICUBA para My Old Cuba (Facebook)

Logo MAXICUBA para House Rent Cuba (Facebook)

And, finally, this is the logo that is used for the group Backpackers in Cuba:


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